Foehn talks the advantages of open source for SME’s

¬†~ Discover the advantages of open source for SME’s ~

More and more SMEs are turning to open source technology and solutions from MySQL and Linux, to name two and are becoming much more widely known because of the significant benefits open source has to offer. For example the significant cost savings and flexibility it brings.

The UK government recently mandated a preference to use open source over proprietary solutions and shortly after held a conference for public sector organisations aiming to expose them to the benefits of open source.

Open source is reference to software that is made available to the public to be constantly improved and edited by the programming community who can add new lines of code. Open source technology is nothing new and has been steadily growing in popularity as more and more SMEs are beginning to discover the benefits.

In the past many companies have been reluctant to choose open source due to the higher perceived risk, such as security and reliability. But there is nothing to suggest open source is less secure than proprietary, just because the source code is freely available does not make it any more vulnerable. If anything it stands to be the opposite as the community is so vast, developers and programmers are constantly making improvements to the code.

Support and maintenance issues have all but disappeared as more and more specialist providers have the expertise and skills to provide high levels guidance and commercial support.

The arguments for open source are becoming more and more compelling thanks to the significant cost reductions, greater flexibility and improved features and functionality that would normally come with a big price tag, and will continue to increase in popularity.

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